Wednesday 17 March 2010

Staying with friends

One of the great things in life is staying with friends and getting to see places.

Thus when The Times today begin to speculate on the cost of the forthcoming Papal Visit - The English know the cost of everything and the value of nothing - we learn that he will be staying in 'Church property.' I hate the use of the the p word because it denotes possessions and money and status rather than home, family etc.

Anyway, The Pope will not be staying at any Royal Palace, but I hope with friends and I hope and am sure with people who look after him and who, in a phrase a friend used to use about me, 'cook him nice dinners.'

When he visited the USA, he said to the lady who cooked for him that she had captured the flavours of his Mother's cooking, which struck me as quite the best and kindest compliment that you could pay to anyone's skills in the kitchen.

Someone, somewhere is planning those dinners...

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