Saturday 20 March 2010

Where do they get them from?

The 'let's fill up the last minutes of the Today prog' slot.

John 'Pope in Winter' Cornwell
and Christina Odone.


PS I'm single and I'm fed up of people being rude about people who aren't married.

PPS Does the present situation mean that the Pope is in fact responsible for any sin any of us commits in any situation?


Mulier Fortis said...

There is only one remedy, I'm afraid... and that is to stop listening to the Today programme.

It is much better for one's mental health... not to mention one's blood pressure...!

leutgeb said...

It's important to monitor the anti-Catholic Catholics...

Patricius said...

Help! I've seen Christina Odd One on the Channel 4 News. I feel ill!

Mark said...

They'd do well to stop suffering from Commander-in-Chief syndrome. We may be subject to the Sovereign authority of the Roman Pontiff, but he's not conversely responsible for our actions.