Wednesday 5 May 2010

On the eve of the election

and having been firmly plugged into R3 for the last week - the world is but a distant shadow from the Third Prog, we have Mahler and Italian Opera Monteverdi to Rossini to contend with and the other day Lutoslawski before 7am - just let me know when the austerity measures come in - I thought I'd better seek counsel on voting so phoned my Dad up who has been doing all the hard work and following the whole campaign.

Looks like he's going for a hung Parliament, Cameron will be lucky if he has the keys for No10 by Monday and did you know Parliament has been dissolved for another 2 weeks so they can thrash out who gets what, Cameron has been to Belfast to schmooze the Unionists (political death in my family)and have you seen Napoleon Dynamite is standing for the Monster Raving Loonies? Plus will Ed Balls be the 2010 Portillo moment?

Then there's the local election, focusing as far as I can see on bin collections, meals on wheels and the local hospital A&E, the sign to which now tells passing motorists 'not 24-hour.'How do you know whether it's open or not without driving in and wasting time?

Had a follow up email to say that he had been on the Torygraph, 'who am I and who should I vote for?' quiz and is more blue than he thought he was, at least now in a healthy way, but I digress. That quiz strikes me as one you might find in a woman's magazine, the sort where I usually want to answer 'never' to all the options.

Til 10pm to put an X in a box....

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