Thursday 20 May 2010

Things are looking up

After the doom and gloom of the other day, it seems that the initial report from the Scottish Catholic Observer may prevail.

See here.

The eyes of the nation will be on us.

Let's not give the sneering MSM et al any free amo.

We have all the best composers. Let's use their music.


Patricius said...

"We have all the best composers. Let's use their music."

While I sympathise with this sentiment I find myself wondering what would work in the accoustic of an airfield. Byrd would be great in Westminster Cathedral but Coventry airport? I think it a pity they don't seem to be going for some of the basic Latin Chant Ordinaries, eg. Mass VIII or XI - as well as emphasising the universality of the Church it would be a great way of promoting the chant back in the parishes.

leutgeb said...

'The acoustic of an airfield, ' now there's a thought.

I agree with you on the repertoire.

Byrd was not dealing in Papal Mega Masses, but rather singing quite quietly.

The whole huge outdoor event thing is new and therefore any music of the past will not have been written for such circumstances.

However, my general point of let's go for quality remains.