Sunday 11 July 2010

Holidays are here again

and having broken up with only vague plans, already things are taking shape in a very good way.

In other news the allotment is parched but alive and if I eat a restricted diet of peas, broad beans, courgettes and tomatoes, I can live entirely from my own produce vegtablewise.

To beat the local roadworks I bought a bike last w/e and have relearnt how to ride. You never forget? Well it wasn't quite like that early last Sunday morning over in the park. The change from turf to tarmac was a surprise too. Not planning on Rome, but I can certainly use it for local trips. I'm even ventueing from pavement to road now. Yes, it does have a basket. Where else can I put my 'Plainsong for schools' book1 and my shopping?

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