Monday 19 July 2010

Allotment News

Now it's the Summer hols, those would be those secret ones teachers have, it's time for the allotment diet game. This is where you can eat whatever you like in the veg/fruit dept as long a you have grown it yourself, but you are allowed to buy bananas as they are not native to Kent (yet - who says global warming, if it exists is all bad?)

At present, it could be renamed the 'if you don't go round and water your allotment, you are going to be hungry' diet game. Courgettes, if not watered, turn yellow and then drop off the plant. Not very appetising!

Hopefully, my beans will have grown enough by next Sunday that I will be able to have them for lunch with my parents. That will mean pots, beans, courgettes and onions and bananas!

No I don't get bored because the pleasure of eating stuff I have grown from seed outweighs the number of courgettes I have to eat. I could happily live on ratatouille! Yum.

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