Friday 27 August 2010

But for Wales?

I don't believe St Thomas More actually said that, but if he did it just goes to show that heroic virtue can have its blind spots. (Typical anglocentric world view. Hah all the more mountains and beaches and Welsh lamb for us!)

Yes it's time for the land of song, mountains, Wales Today, S4C, weather permitting a trip to Bardsey Island and bara brith! Oh yes and St John Robert's family house near Trawsfynydd, so much more than a lake and a nuclear power station.


Dominic Mary said...

Oh leutgeb; I don't think S. Thomas was criticising Wales . . . I suspect that like many other sensitive Englishmen he was delighted at much about Wales . . . I think his comment was only about the tiny size of Wales as a part of the globe : and I'm sure you wouldn't deny that it whilst it may be a jewel, it is a small one.

leutgeb said...

I make no comment about its land mass, nor about its use as a unit of measurement, as in, 'An area the size of Wales ...,' nor indeed its size relative to its eastern neigbour.

To be fair to St Thomas More he was on trial for his life, in Westminster Hall, I believe and who do we know who is going there in three weeks time... and therefore had more pressing matters on his mind.