Wednesday 11 August 2010

To clarify

Seeing as I'm being quoted on little old lady daily Mass goers having more of a handle on Catholicism than the Tina Beattie's of this world, that's not because they may not be great intellectuals, because some of them will be, but because whilst other people are going off at tangents and fashioning the Faith to suit themselves, they are gettin on with doing it.

You can be a great Catholic and be
very clever
very stupid
very average
very athletic
very disabled
20/20 vision
completely blind
a virtuoso musician
tone deaf
come from any country
speak any language
be a Nobel Prize winner
be totally unknown etc.

All fine. We aren't all the same and that's as fine as fine can be.

Being slightly educated and trying to reason your way out of stuff that you find difficult or unpalatable, is not fine and history says won't end well.


Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Do you mind adding my new blog to your links please?

leutgeb said...

Can you remind me what it is called?