Saturday 11 September 2010

Phoning around

Had an interesting morning contacting the other parishes who are sharing a coach with us to B'ham. I know the person from my parent's parish and she regaled me with a story of two girls in her party when she was a pupil pilgrim in Rome who failed to get back on the coach when they were going to a Papal Audience and had still not returned to the convent they were staying by dinner time. Only at that point did the teacher nuns in charge get panicky and phone the police, who had the girls with them.

Oh for the days before mobile phones and risk assessments. Nowadays the nuns would get sacked following a bitter court case.

Meanwhile my Mum is going to Hyde Park and part ( a small part) of her b'day prezzie is some flapjack, to keep her going. She was laughing at the thought of putting up a gazebo and bringing a BBQ, whilst reading the list of banned objects. I'm sure she could fit them in her hand bag if she needed to.

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