Thursday 2 December 2010

Not all bad

because I got to sing The Snowman with Year 6. That's after I peeled them off the ceiling.

Year 11 are finishing their coursework with such witty titles as Coursework 2 - the musical. I'm not sure the moderator will go for that in quite the same way. They think it's funny that Sibelius has 'atonal key' as an option under key signatures. 'Shall we use the atonal key, Miss?'

Year 13 and I scribbled frantically as one of the English teachers basically gave us a lecture on Purcell, music at the time of the restoration and how if it hadn't been for ex-pat English composers in the 16thC JS Bach would not have happened. I think that's to overstate Dowland et al. But what would I, a Celtic hybrid, know of such things? The bell went at 4 and he exited stage left. Worth listening to just for his command of English.

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