Sunday 27 March 2011

Marching in London

I wasn't marching yesterday. Sadly it's a bit late since one of my immediate family has recently been made redundant for the second time in two years and this time from the civil service ...

Saw the march from the train and close up by the tube station and arrived at the venue to find four policmen in the church, ready for any smashers of shop windows to arrive. At one point in the rehearsal, they all put their yellow jackets on and left, which was interesting, but it turned out the trouble, such as it was, was elsewhere. Still in the end I was pleased I didn't go to the pub after as Trafalgar Sq was sounding busy at 11pm.

What always amuses me is that you may be knee deep in police and ambulance folk, but the lady selling the Sunday papers is still there with her stall.

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