Wednesday 27 July 2011


A most productive day.

Went to Mass, bumped into Annie Elizabeth who took me back to her place to show me a good time with her quartet of smaller people.

I had a lovely time and was suitably tooled up with an improving book to read and lots of apples and blackberries. I shall start the former later and the latter have been turned into a couple of crumbles and a whole pile of jam.

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Annie Elizabeth said...

Ah yes -- you can always count on us to ply you with tea and cake, noisily entertain you, and send you off with an apocalyptic novel and a few kilos of fruit. Not to forget the toddler's asperges with a pestle and mortar... Yes, we know how to treat a fellow blogger!

It was lovely to have you -- come round again as soon as you've recovered :-)