Wednesday 12 October 2011

Sightings of The Tablet

yup is still on sale in Westminster Cathedral.  I saw it today and Fr Z saw it yesterday.

I scan the front as I walk past each time... and can't say I am bothered by it at all, because it inhabits a different planet to the one I live in. 

The Tablet and Blackfen.  That article was so off the wall it's filed in my mind along with Pius XII was a Nazi.  After all we've all seen that photo taken during the Weimar Republic when he was the papal nuncio and who was it who drafted Mit brennender Sorge...? oh yeah. Why was it written in German again? (Yes I know Pius XI was the Pope when it was written.. we did the papacy in the 20thC for O level History because we had a proper Catholic teacher.)

I live in one where people do weird things like sing at Missa Cantatas before repairing to the hall for a nosh up and chat. 

Where people are getting ready for the 40 hours.

Where random people meet up in pubs after Mass and have a great night.

Where I pop round to people's houses and we spend the evening eating pizza and practising for Mass and Vespers next Saturday in Brighton. ( NB, not at the same time.  No greasy stains on my Triplex, thanks.)

Where friends pop down here when they can to sing and I pop over to their parishes to do the same.

Where we all pop down to the Isle of Wight to have 90 minutes listening to Sr Bernadette.

Where I give lifts to boys who show me the little presents they have bought for elderly people in nursing homes.

Where more people read blogs than read The Tablet.

Anyway, on the front it mentions an article by that canon lawyer who is very litigious on why the difficulties facing divorced and remarried people receiving Holy Communion are not insummountable.

I wonder what else is not insummountable?

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Richard Collins said...

There were a few at St James's Spanish Place also. But they do seem to be diminishing.