Wednesday 19 October 2011

Oh dear

Over on planet leutgeb we have lots of experience of what Clare experienced yesterday.

We just don't talk about it. Usually.  Today, an exception.

 I once walked out of a meeting where I was publically castigated in front of visitors for the music I provided at school Masses.  Weird that doesn't happen to me where I work now.

But just to be clear, if you were to cast your mind across every single terrible Mass-setting and hymn written in the last 40 years, I have played and sung and taught every single one of them.

Every single one.

Every awful experience relating to liturgical music you can think of I have had.  Yes, even that one.  I've had a few extras added recently too.

Most brilliantly fortunately, I can now do something about it all.  So I am.  Because that is the only way to change things.

People have to get together and sing the proper stuff as far as they possibly can.  And people are and there is lots of stuff to help on the internet and people are getting together and it's changing.

That's why Clare and I and lots of other people get to church way before Mass starts to sort things out so you can sing Mass XI and Credo I and not something else.

Just when you thought the Clap Clap Gloria had been put away in a galaxy far far away...

Because liturgical music is not about fashion, it's about eternity.