Tuesday 20 December 2011

Quick Blogging

The lack of posting and reliance on you tubeof late (but that 'I will survive,' is a cracker...,)has not been solely because of a lack of time, but because my internet at home is playing up, so I'm emailing from my phone and not having a lot of fun.

Before either this computer decides to konk out completely or the rather suspect way in which the phone line enters my house declares itself to be the reason for a lack of interweb, I'd better write something.

In between quite a few concerts and things, we've been to the IOW again and had a look at the Propers for the Fourth Sunday of Advent as well as the neumatic break.  I think we do the neumatic break every time actually and leafing through my Triplex will in fact reveal the same notes in about three places.  My Triplex is looking busy; in addition to a Wightlink ferry timetable, I also sport lots of squiggles and my minute writing in pencil.  I like music that has a stuff on it.  Useful stuff.

Next time we are looking at the Latin word and its musical possibilities and Epiphany again. 

Other things of note

1 I won't be shopping at Tescos any time soon and will be taking my evil food shopping custom elsewhere.
2 My Christmas Cake is in the oven right now and I was given a lovely smelling one as a present on Sunday.  How good is that as a present?  Am hoping to subcontract the marzipan and icing out to someone creative...  As long as the time honoured polar bear and robin (not to scale) get put on it no-one in famille Leutgeb will mind.
3 Some of The Parish Book of Chant leaked into the School Carol Service.
4 Teachers get too many boxes of chocolates at Christmas, but who's complaining.
5 Conducting a choir of small people dressed variously as angels, shepherds and kings with a shepherd's crook waving randomly is funny, especially when they are taking it dreadfully seriously.
6 Why does this recipe say 2 hours when in a fan oven on 10 degrees C higher than it says in the book it is still not done after 120 minutes?

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Patricius said...

I will never shop in Tesco again, and I think it morally dubious to shop there anyway, whatever some head honcho said about evil Christians.