Monday, 5 November 2012

On a Sunday morning

Lots of people get up really early and multiple times in the night because they have small children, alas I don't, but I get up pretty early most of the time. How else would I have discovered the dodgy plumbing at 6.30am on Saturday had I not been making a coffee and unloading the dishwasher, whilst considering what to put in the washing-machine first this weekend? Quite.

Sunday mornings I am frequently cooking stuff, gardening and cleaning the house during the Sunday Prog and Morning Service.

So it comes as no surprise that someone's done the math on where they get their contributors from. If you keep an eye on the broadsheets and note what documentaries are on the TV and R4, you notice a remarkable correlation in subject matter. Yes, the media really is controlled by a very small number of people. It's just that though the radio may be on, maybe we aren't being taken in. Once you've noted how rubbish the info is on Catholicism, do you trust the MSM on anything?

Trouble is this small world seems to extend to politicians too. My brothers were very het up on Sunday about the A&E provision locally. One of them can tell you precisely how long it takes to drive an ambulance from my parent's house to the nearest trauma unit, blue lights flashing and sirens going- KCH - 25 minutes if in his words you 'boot it.' As he prides himself on driving extremely fast he said that it's 30 minutes with anyone else behind the wheel. If I lived in relatively empty NorthWales, I might expect that it would take a long time to get across the mountains or round the coast to Bangor, but I live in Greater London and the population density is extremely high, so you wonder just how safe it is to be closing A&E Departments and Maternity Units. I don't remember being asked to vote on that.

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