Sunday 3 February 2013

To Oxford

We had a very enjoyable visit to Oxford to sing the Propers for Candlemas for The Oxford Ordinariate.

If you ever get a chance to hear The Newman Consort - go. They are excellent.

Thank you to Mgr Burnham for inviting us.

<font size="3">OK, so we popped into the Bate Musical Instrument Collection in the morning and I had a go on an 1820 hand horn and since it was crooked in F, it would have been rude to play anything other than the Beethoven Horn Sonata. The last time I had a lesson on the Beethoven was with Anneke Scott who is about to do a recital at the Holywell Music Room. It was a gorgeous instrument and I can't believe it was just left out on a table for anyone to pick up and tootle as they are very easy to dent. Horn playing heroin; if only I had time to practise. :-(

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