Friday 22 February 2013

Blogging the proper stuff

Whilst many are spouting as much nonsense as possible about the forthcoming conclave, Zephy and Matthaeus continue on a fixed path through Lent.

Zephy has the Roman station churches


Matthaeus is considering the Sorrowful Mysteries.


Matthaeus said...

Thank you for your support.

God bless.


Zephyrinus said...

Very grateful for these kind words, Leutgeb.

Matthaeus is, indeed, Posting wonderfully well on The Sorrowful Mysteries at

Lent is such a short time, yet such an important time.

If one can make Lent worthwhile, I'm sure that it will stand one in good stead for the future.

Either in this world . . .

Zephyrinus said...

Hang on a minute:

ZEPHY !!!???