Thursday 15 August 2013

A casual glance

At Twitter says silly season.

It's making me want to go back to school.

Reminds me of when, rose- tinted specks on...

I held a small boy (11) back at the end of a lesson to confiscate his phone as per the school rules, it having gone off in the lesson - gets given to Second Master, boy then has to go and ask for it at the end of the day, before I get a com box full of anxious comments - listened to lengthy story ending with, 'My phone has been a bit funny, since I dropped it down a toilet.' On that occasion I did not follow through with the school rules. Oh inconsistent teacher, me.

Ah the nostalgia for petty class room disputes....

And now I am invited to eat burgers. Like proper summer stuff, followed by Mass.

Do people write awful things on Twitter? Yes.
Why do they do that?
A) they think they can get away with it.
B) the medium, like the Internet in general, disinhibits people.
C) it's a rubbish way of communicating compared to face to face. Hey we are into Incarnational type ways of being, being Catholics etc.

Are some people really horrible?

Best keep out the way.
They are not going to change any time soon.
Consequences can be very real world indeed.

Burgers. Ketchup. Yummy.


Zephyrinus said...

Burgers, Ketchup, and Bara Brith ?

Followed by Laverbread and Crisps ?


leutgeb said...

Just enough time for one burger thanks to my thoughtful hosts, before nipping home to get the car and onward to Mass and the particularly beautiful Ave maris stella.