Thursday 2 January 2014

An Award - and then there were two

Thank you to Mac and Ben for nominating me.

So little do I consider my blog in the public sphere, that when a gentleman asked me about bara brith after the parish carol service, I did a double take. People actually read this?

On the blog largely reduced to pictures of cakes and saints since Feb '12, here is the stuff.

10 pieces of info about me.

1. My birthday is on Christmas Day.
2. I have two younger brothers.
3. I eat porridge for breakfast.
4. I play the horn, though far far less than I would like.
5. I gave my nephew a Richard Scarry book for Christmas, which he had read three times by 9am- he gets up before dawn.
6. My Dad likes bara brith and that is why this blog is so named.
7. I like growing stuff in the garden and then cooking people dinners using it.
8. Beethoven is my favourite composer or maybe Dvorak, Brahms, Bach or Mozart, Mahler, Stravinsky...
9. I like walking and swimming.
10. So far today amongst other things, I have been to Mass, had my hair done, put on two loads of washing, done some ironing, printed the Propers for Sunday and Monday, chucked some junk out, done some weeding, cooked soup and stew to freeze for term time and emailed my Dad a link about a new TV series about Wales. And it's only tea-time!

As usual, everyone who I might nominate has already been done, so if you are feeling left out, please consider yourself nominated and I will appreciate your blog, even if retrospectively.


Zephyrinus said...

I note that you "like growing stuff in the garden and then cooking people . . ."

Surely, this is against the law and, also, the Spirit of Vatican II ?

leutgeb said...

Never touch spirits.

Most unladylike.

Patricius said...

Make that three. I have also awarded you a Sunshine Award.