Wednesday 20 February 2008


'We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to allow free votes on the embryology and fathers components of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill when considered by the House of Commons.'

Followed the link from Fr Tim to add my name.
I don't know why you have to add you address and postcode.
Do they check it against the electoral register? Good. It's me again, that crazy woman who keeps e mailing the BBC and the ASA.

It's very scary stuff. There seem to be no limits to the scientific, 'If we can we should' mentality. Meantime, energy and time is not being put into legitimate research which could offer treatments and cures to people.

Anyone know of a medical research charity that Catholics can contribute to with a clear conscience? I now end up not giving money on the basis that charity xyz deals with a genetic disorder, thus probably uses embryos...


Anonymous said...

Look up on the internet or buy SPUC's charities guide.

Or: Matercare International - they deal with obstetric fistulas, a particularly life-destroying condition that you don't get in the developed world any more, but which thousands of women in poorer countries suffer from. Imagine complete incontinence from the age of 20?

or write to a Catholic doctor and ask - I can send you an address if you like.

leutgeb said...

Useful info, thank you.