Wednesday 20 February 2008

Lent in London

Last night I went to a talk at Corpus Christ Maiden Lane. It was very good, all about marriage and no shying away from the toughy bits either. Every Tues 7pm for the next couple of weeks.

Don't you often find there is a Fr X (I was going to write Z, although given his wanderlust, that is entirely possible, but not on this occasion true,) visiting from foreign parts when you go to something like this? A bonus track so to speak

This time Fr X was from Italy and working as a missionary in Peru. There's me going to some talk and he's working at altitude in a region with hardly any Priests or Religious battling to stop people falling into 'sects.' The real deal. Anyway, he's giving a talk next week at St Patrick's Soho Sq, so I shall go to that too methinks. I found out about these talks when I went to Mass at Notre Dame de France on Ash Wed. (Didn't make it to Westminster Cathedral this time.)

They were very keen last night to get e mail details of events in London for Catholics out to people and to give lots of encouragement to stock up on CTS pamphlets for example. All very positive.

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