Tuesday 4 March 2008

The Catholic bara brith club

Now has two members.

Maggie Clitherow likes it too!

Contrary to the name of her blog, she has some lovely pics and all sorts. Great garden.
Lots of interesting and informative things to read.

When I get my act together, I'll put up a recipe and we can all make some for Easter.
Home cooking, how to make folks happy.

I have some friends coming to stay with their two children (6 and 3) so I get to make shepherd's pie and roast dinner and procure a few Easter eggs.

Bedtime for tired teachers. Busy cracking the coursework whip. No more, 'It might be better if...,' more 'What key is this in?' 'This melody is going nowhere..' Oh so sensitive.


LizzieD said...

I'm honoured to be considered a member! Look forward to seeing your recipe, we've moved house a couple of times in the last few years, and I can't seem to find mine, and I'm beginning to long for some - it must be this Lent thing!!!!
Thanks for mentioning my blog!

leutgeb said...

No probs.

I'll have a look over the weekend.