Tuesday 5 August 2008


Apart from being a daily Mass goer, Dvorak is also sometimes credited with being the first great American composer.

Dvorak 8 definitely has some American moments in the Scherzo - riding across the prairie stuff and who could forget the rock 'n' roll bass line at the end of Dvorak 9?

R3 are presently broadcasting Dvorak 6 from the Proms, which has a stunning piece of syncopation in the first movement, almost as surprising as that bit in the Brahms German Requiem, y'know, that bit, which given Brahms propensity to take off in a JS Bachesque way is pretty amazing.

Anyway, Dvorak is one of my favourite composers on account of his ability to write great melodies and to orchestrate brilliantly.

Update, blimey an alarming accelerando at the end of the third movement, like serious possibility of a car crash. Not sure I liked that. Where's Mariss Jansons when you need him?

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