Thursday 28 August 2008

To work

Well, with the weather being so uncooperative, I thought I may as well ease myself back in before Monday. It's still there. Sorted my post, chatted to my HoD about exam results, number crunched a bit and then came home.

What I really wanted was the music I've ordered, but it hasn't arrived yet. First rehearsals not til the week after next so time to find something easier if need be.


Jane said...

As a retired teacher after 42 years, I still get the jitters round about the end of August! God bless and strenghen you, and all teachers returning to work next week..
Mane nobiscum, Domine.

leutgeb said...

Thanks. I've done a mere 15 years, so a way to go.

Having established that the results are acceptable to the powers that be, it's just the wonder at getting so much done each day and getting up so early!