Monday 1 September 2008


Every now and then, mostly when enjoying the luxury of a holiday, (ah the sweet memory,) I decide things. Usually very mundane things, go swimming more, eat apples, actually be a bit sociable, that sort of thing.

One of the things I do, along with the rest of the Catholic world is sign up to stuff. You know, visiting Missionary needs lots of people to sign up, raffle tickets, that sort of thing. Ie I just try and support the people in the firing line.

This Summer has not seen a massive signing up sess, but I did subscribe to the Transalpine folk's publication. Should be a goody. They need new readers, I need to read good stuff, bingo.

Five days ago I clicked a few buttons, via Musica Sacra and joined the CMAA and the Journal arrived today! Now that's what I call efficient! I mean the Atlantic is quite big. Catholic and Music in one place and it's not too heavy. Perfect for the train. Time to get educated and fill in lots of gaps.

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