Sunday 21 September 2008

A Confession

My Mum does the selling of Catholic Papers and Mass Cards etc after one of the Masses at her Church and the perk of this onerous job - sales of The Universe plummet every time she goes on holiday - is that she gets to take the left over papers the following week to read.

Thus I find myself skim reading that mag that dare not be mentioned and I mean skim reading because one does not wish to dwell there.

Anyway having read a review of 'The Boy with striped PJs' which says the author didn't like 'La vita e bella' ( I rest my case. JPII did and Roberto is a genius and I seem to remember clambered over chairs to receive an Oscar.) and describes Louis Malle's 'Au revoir les enfants' as a story, that would be an AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL story, I skimmed through a reader survey.

It was most amusing.

After the questions about,'I find the @*$%^ ...'

too high brow for me 'guv
sigh back to The Universe
Huh? and
Could you explain that in words of one syllable, please?

'Which religious paper do you buy?'
Catholic Times
Catholic Herald
Church Times (you're in the wrong place .)
Church of England Newspaper (ditto)

Then the best ever laugh out loud question 6a if I remember correctly.
'If you buy the Catholic Herald, do you'
prefer the %$£"%$ to the Catholic Herald a lot
'bout the same
prefer the Herald
only buy the ^%$£^% to stop other people being led astray.

(Paraphrasing only slightly.)

Then you get about 3" to explain your answer.

On the rare occasion I write something a bit, well risque, I get lots of wacky comments, which I don't publish.

I'm only being a bit jokey here and was a bit worried about the long list of every article the carry, where you could say whether you found it great or deadly boring, so some people may be about to be rubbed out. Imagine, 85% of respondents say they skip your column. Time to be sent on gardening leave, (sounds good to me!)

If you need some serious venting, time to get a blog.