Monday 18 August 2008

A Mac Meme

"If you should pass from our presence, what picture of you shall we use for your saint's card, should you be so elevated, and of what do you want to be patroness?"
Saint's card, me, are you joking?!!!
The only picture I have on my computer is above. The coffee cup might have to be cropped out, but you could leave Fr Ray and the stray packet of Marboro's in.
Patron Saint of insomniac Music teachers who worry needlessly - bit specific, you could ask for my intercession and I could direct my prayers for people who are awake for genuinely worrying reasons, illness, pain, dangers, in prison, that sort of thing. I'd work time zones across the world 2am -5am when everyone goes back to sleep and then wakes up really tired. Working on what my primary Headmaster said about praying for the Holy Souls that everyone has forgotten, now when I wake up worrying about whatever, I pray for other people who are awake in the night for the reasons above.
The thing is that when you read the live's of the Saints they do tend to have battled adversity and led a very devout life despite attacks and setbacks, often enduring very poor health and then in the case of martyrs made a final stand when everyone else thought they were nuts, so I do not fit the bill.
Anyone else who can add to the levity of the meme, off you go.
Leutgeb, Patron Saint of Split Notes - could be handy if you were doing Bruckner 4 or Schubert 9.


gemoftheocean said...

Two saints in one! Fabulous!

LizzieD said...

Why don't you become the patron Saint of decaff coffee, and then you could sleep on through the night!!

leutgeb said...

If only it were that easy, but thanks for the suggestion.

I have very specific concert related anxiety dreams. Specific entries, notes, people all go wrong...then I wake up. Just have to remember that it's all possible on 5 hours sleep and that other people have proper stuff to worry about.

What would you be patron saint of?