Sunday 28 September 2008

The hungry caterpillers

... are eating my rocket. OK so it's bolted but it's still food.

In other gardening news, I am enquiring after an allotment 125 sq m for £25 per annum and all the digging you like.

The tenancy includes a clause saying no uncultivated blackberries! You can imagine people saying, 'No that's not a weed I'm growing blackberries.'

If I can get one right behind my house then I'm going for it. All I need is a pair of wire cutters to get in!


Mulier Fortis said...

Ummmmm... "it's bolted"?? The caterpillar, or the rocket? Is this a gardening term I should know? What's a bolted rocket when it's at home?

And are you sure it's a caterpillar to blame? My mother has a real hatred for slugs: they eat everything!

leutgeb said...

The rocket has bolted. It has flowers on it. Gone to seed, that sort of thing.

I have not yet evloved to the point that I eat caterpillers....