Monday 1 September 2008

La Rentree

(How do you do accents on this thing?)

This work business, it's quite tiring. All morning listening to that stuff that has to be said at the start of every academic year.

The rest of the day staring at a computer screen learning to use a new sequencing package. Some laugh out loud samples, a rather lovely Celtic Harp, so I strummed a bit and pretended I was in Wales and a comedy moment when younger colleague froze my screen and wrote me a message - 'Leutgeb stop reading.' I was only looking at my timetable!


Mulier Fortis said...


On your computer, click on [start] then [All Programs] then [Accessories] then [Character Map]

Find the accented letter you want, select it (by clicking) and copy.

Then, in your blog text, put the cursor in the right spot, right mouse click and select [Paste]

If you have characters you use a lot, you can assign a shortcut... I chose [Ctrl][Alt][e] to give me é, for example!

Mulier Fortis said...

Alternatively, write the word in Word, and copy and paste...

Jane said...

This is for you and Mac and all teachers at the Rentree:

Henry V Act III sc i
'But when the blast of war blows in our ears, then imitate the action of a tiger... etc. whole speech pre Agincourt.

Mac's thing about the dogs is from Julius Caesar Act III sc i:
'Cry, "havoc!" and let slip the dogs of war...'

Both highly appropriate. Moi, je suis en retraite depuis deux ans (apres 42 ans), mais je pense encore a vous.

leutgeb said...

42 years. Impressive stuff.

I've only done 15, so a way to go.

Adrienne said...

Mac - you are soooo clever!

Music teachers are angels. I'm married to one:)

Roses and Jessamine said...

You've been tagged for a meme: