Friday 3 October 2008

And that's spelt

C major.
not Sea major or See major.

15 years and that's never happened, 'til this week.


gemoftheocean said...

I think I have that one beaten. I was a teaching assistant some years back in a community college theatre class. And the students were to attend the two productions the school offered ever semester, and write up a review. In one of the best reviews written the student managed to mangeled "whore house" into "hor-house." Not once, but a few times. There was no way of cheating on these reviews, so that wasn't a problem. I looked at the name on the paper, and realized 10-1 this student most likely did not speak English as a mother tongue! Still gave him an "A" but laughed all the same. Red line it for sure!

Clare said...

In my copy of Victoria's Missa O quam Gloriosum (on loan from a library somewhere) someone has scribbled 'PLANECHART' above the Gloria and then realised the error of their ways and changed it to PLANECHANT.

leutgeb said...
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