Sunday 5 October 2008

Grandma's Anniversary

Grandma died a year ago today. To mark the occasion, my cousin requested a Mass for her, which we all went to, then we had lunch and then we visited her grave which is also where Grandpa is buried, though he predeceased her by nearly 32 years.

Her details have been added to the grave stone, which in typical Irish fashion gives the place and county of birth of each of them, the dates when they died and how old they were - 66 and 90 respectively.

I managed not to notice at her burial that the grave is in the Catholic section of the cemetery, so she is surrounded by statues of Our Lady and Celtic Crosses.


Anonymous said...

Catholic cemeteries are not as tasteful as Protestant ones, but they are a lot nicer :-) (though the candles that jingled Silent Night that were the hit of last Christmas's grave-visiting were a bit OTT even for me ...) I discovered last week that there are 27 people in the grave my grandmother is in. Maybe 37, actually, I think it was 24 in great-granny's grave. We don't know who they all are - it's just that any heir of someone who paid for the grave is entitled to use it, so all these distant cousins keep getting buried in it.

Do you have a fool-proof recipe for crumble topping that doesn't involve self-raising flour or baking soda? (though if baking soda is what they call "tartar" or something round here, I can manage that) I used a Delia recipe recently, but ended up jsut chucking in more flour and butter at random until it looked plausible. I think the problem may have been cold butter at the beginning (when I put in room-temp butter, it did what was apparently supposed to do)

leutgeb said...

I'm with Nigella for crumble topping.

Must dash for a train.

Will put in the recipe tonight.