Wednesday 17 December 2008

Christmas Cake the second.

My cake a day habit continues as cake the second enjoys its two hours on Gas mark 2.

Cake the first was not keen to exit the tin and I was worried that I would have to perform open cake surgery on it, but I crow barred it out in the end.

One of today's jobs was to buy another roll of grease proof paper; the cake tin not being as non-stick as I had remembered.


Adrienne said...

Christmas cakes sound sooooo good but lots of work.

leutgeb said...

Well, I have a fairly limited repertoire of cakes, so as it's the same recipe every year, tht makes it easier. Also, I don't have all the other stuff to do as my Mum will be doing it and I'm on holiday, so the fact that it takes an hour to get it in the oven, is not so bad really.

You do get lots of cake once it's made too.

Anonymous said...

The crumble rocked. Absolutely rocked. The shortbread is okay. (Second batch yesterday, I can't remember how my gran taught me to cream sugar and butter - she used a thing like a stick ballooning out into a ball at the end - how fluffy should fluffy be?) Did the marrow-stuffing comment arrive?

leutgeb said...

Mightily relieved about the crumble and yes I did receive and publish the comment re the marrow stuffing.

Much to look forward to in the legume department clearly.