Sunday 1 March 2009

Exciting News

1. The Tract passed off without incident this morning and the organist was happy. Went to bed at 1am having been to a work do in the line of duty last night. Got up and sang it twice before going to Mass. Stupidly, I forgot to take it on the train yesterday. I leant on Friday that having an LU in your handbag is very 'now.' Having a few folded sheets of Rossini Propers is a pale imitation of this, but you have to start somewhere.

2. I dug up a little lizard yesterday. It was a bit sleepy but was released back into the wild unharmed. Unfortunately, the children from the plot next door had gone home, (bramble traumas - jumper piercing prickles and much wailing,) so they didn't get to see it. I didn't know we had them in these parts, but then we do have a flock of parrots that squark about the place, so who knows, what I'll dig up next. I'm neglecting to tell you all about the two red ant nests. Red ant village more like.

3. My dishwasher is working again, proving that all things come to those who wait. After having tried to wash a peanut butter jar in it, it got blocked up, so I put some of that 'put your gloves on and don protective clothing' noxious gloop down the drain bit and waited. A month! Today I pressed the on button and the angry red lights did not flash. It's running empty at the moment to flush out the bleach, salt, rinse aid and washing tablet that have been festering away. How green.

Why am I washing peanut butter jars? For my jam.

I will be washing them by hand in future. I just thought I'd chance it and then had to bail out the bottom of the machine and remove the gloopy peanut butter and the paper label. Nice.

Bed time. Dreams of shiny mugs, sparkling glasses and cute lizards.


madame evangelista said...

A flock of parrots?? I'm impressed.

leutgeb said...

They are those green ones. They do look a bit weird and cannot walk along the ground so peck things on trees, including my parent's Bramleys. How rude!

Very tropical down South, what with global warming.

Zebras next.

leutgeb said...

Not a huge flock mind - 20-30? They swoop about at dusk.

gemoftheocean said...

It works best if you consume the peanut butter first. If it's too sticky put it on apples.

leutgeb said...

Ah yes. As one of my brother said,'Don't put dirty things in the dishwasher.'

Peanut butter and apples sounds nice. I like peanut butter on toast with coffee, if we are allowed to mention food in Lent...

Clare said...

A liber in the handbag is an everyday essential!

Well done on the Tract. It was truely a long'un. Fortunately us OF types got out of it. We sang Shine Jesus Shine instead (not).. same sentiment..

leutgeb said...

You OF types.

LUs in your handbags and Graham Kendricks coming our your Choirs.

Shocking ;-)

leutgeb said...

Well with the Rossini Propers it is lots of Gs (or As)

What did you sing? Taize?

gemoftheocean said...

Yes, indeedy. Someone showed me the apples with peanut butter trick and I've never eaten PB any other way. It's perfect.