Friday 20 March 2009

In season and out

I've read a few comments on people's blog along the lines of 'Lent is not going great for me,' (and I'd certainly include myself in that,) but I bet you haven't had a disgusting cartoon picturing your visage in The Times? I thought not. A Saturday treat for me was to buy The Times, no more. I've had enough of Ruth Gledhill too. It's not just the format that's gone tabloid.

Who says the Pope has to avoid 'difficult' topics anyway? He's not a politician trying to get on with everyone to get re-elected. He's the Pope.


Jane said...


Agreed 110%

But we can complan you know, and I think we must. Now is the hour. also about Snow's treatment of Joanna Bogle today. There's a link to the Press Complaints top of my Oasis sidebar.

On reflection I think Lent's going well because we are suffering persecution with our Holy Father.
Assurance of prayers,

Mulier Fortis said...

I think we should protest about the offensive cartoon, and I've put details on my blog if people want to know how to go about making a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission...

leutgeb said...

Oh I agree that complaints are the way forward. I have complained many times to the BBC about their reporting and to the ASA about that morning after pill ad.

leutgeb said...

Thanks for the links Mac, very helpful and made it very quick to do.

I've done the PCC.

Off to buy the Torygraph.

Ben Trovato said...

In case you've missed it, the research evidence is on the Holy Father's side. The director of the research project at Harvard (a decent little university, I'm told) has been brave enough to point out hat the Holy Father is telling the truth (now there's a surprise!)

gemoftheocean said...

It's especially appalling when the empirical evidence backs up the pope.

Just because someone USES "Freedom of speach" the press, etc. doesn't mean someone else HAS to publish it. Creeps.

And what were you doing reading the Times anyway. They've always been snooty and anti-Catholic anyway...

leutgeb said...


Yup, thanks, I know about the Harvard research.

No surprises.

Bit like adult stem cells produce cures and embryonic ones don't.


No British newspaper is pro-Catholic. It's just a question of at what point they pull the historic Anglocentric, anti-Papist card out or the new secularist one. Same difference.