Thursday 21 May 2009

Graduale Triplex

Having baulked at amazon uk's £135. How did I read that? Do they go to France on the train to get it for you? Does it cover an overnight stay in that nice looking hotel we're staying in?

I went to the Solesmes site where you can have it sent quickly for E66 (sorry UKIP computer, clearly, no Euro sign.) I'd prefer to buy it from them anyway. Let's hope it arrives on Sat and that I'm in. Then I can take it to Lourdes and be all geeky. (Not that I need a book help me, mind.)

I also received this charming e mail in reply to my order.

'Les Editions de Solesmes has indeed received your order and thanks you for it.'


berenike said...

I love mine very much. It has crinkled pages from a rainy Palm Sunday :-) And it definitely didn't cost GPB120+!

Patrick Sheridan said...

Do you have a Liber Usualis leutgeb?

leutgeb said...

berenike, I love music with character. In fact, I almost prefer second hand music with people's annotations over brand new spanking Urtext.

Patricius, not yet...always hoping someone's got one at the back of a cupboard, otherwise I will end up buying one of those too.

Anonymous said...

You didn't order it from Farnborough for about £30? :O

leutgeb said...

No, because I couldn't find it on their website. You must have benefited from a strong pound.... you lucky thing.

My horn is now worth a whole pile more on account of coming from Mainz....

Anonymous said...


I just remembered how I got it. I sent an email to and asked if they had a Triplex, and Fr. iForget (didja see what I did? Didja?) said yes, they did, although it wasn't on their website.

So I had to place an order for the Romanum, only stating in the comment that what I actually wanted was a Triplex. And it turned out fine.

Oh rats, had I remembered this earlier I could have saved you some money! My apologies :(

PS Hope you're having a wonderfully blessed time in Lourdes!

leutgeb said...

No worries.