Sunday 17 May 2009

Solesmes 2009

Myself and the Maestra di cappella of StMary Magdalen, Brighton are heading off to Solesmes to hear how to do it properly in the Summer.

I love the directions. Upon leaving the nearest station follow the river for an hour (add 20 mins for me, dragging suitcase behind whilst slapping on sunscreen,) in the direction of Solesmes and there you are. The 21stC left far behind already.

I'm beginning to think that it may be like one of those masterclasses where I leave my horn in its case and just listen.

Fortunately, Puella P has sent me a link, with lots of useful insights.

Anyone else going?

Time to start making my communting count, methinks.


Clare said...

Can imagine day one at Solesmes...

"What do you mean you don't sing the Fr Rossini propers?"

"The ictus?" Isn't that something you take medication for?

Does that make me 10,000?


Anonymous said...

Only about two months to go before SOLESMES!! :D

leutgeb said...

2 months to do some serious work, gulp! Tell us what to practise, Puella!

Clare, alas, you weren't 10 000 unless you were at Heathrow, when you logged on.

leutgeb said...

I shall be sitting at the back, where all teachers head. We know the tricks!