Thursday 27 August 2009


Interesting that the GCSE Results have received more attention on R4 today than last week's A Level scores. Perhaps because their publication does not coincide with the release of a certain inmate of a certain Scottish prison. No conclusions reached in their discussion on The World at One, but difficulties in saying IGCSE, which became IGSE, on several occasions. Get a grip. Maybe it should be iGCSE.

Anyway, I was reminded of one of the Latin Teachers at work, a sarcy scouser, whose take on the grade inflation situation was,

'Julius Caesar couldn't have done our Latin O Level.'


Patrick Sheridan said...

Nothing to do with GCSE results Leutgeb, but I just tagged you! Read my latest blog post to find out...

leutgeb said...

Good. Too much talk of work during my holidays.

A Tag!