Tuesday 11 August 2009

Seven Things

I have been tagged by Ches.
Seven ordinary things that I like.

1 Coffee (it is breakfast time.)
2 The smell of linen dried outside on the line.
3 Mountains (OK, so not so ordinary in Kent.)
4 Coal smoke - evokes memories of tea at my Grandparent's in Wales as they lit the fire at 4pm...Wales Today on the telly, homemade cakes and blackcurrant jam.
5 Growing things from seed.
6 Laughing at a good joke.
7 Playing Brahms 4.

As usual, everyone has already been tagged, but if you missed out, then now it's your turn.


Ches said...

Sorry, didn't mean to rob all the names! Coal smoke is an interesting one. Hope you ahd a pleasant (and unslippery) holiday ;-)

leutgeb said...

No worries.

Only a little coal smoke, you understand. One house at a distance is quite sufficient.

The holiday was very pleasant and I stayed away from that end of the decking! (now scrubbed by my Dad.)

Patrick Sheridan said...

Although I wasn't tagged, I did a post on my blog about seven things I like. It was fun too! Although I think I took it a bit seriously...

I have to say I prefer the smell of peat burning than coal, a nice earthy smell, almost Hobbit-like even!