Saturday 22 August 2009


The best opera, by the best composer, as a friend once described it. On now at the Proms. Just into Act II.

Florestan will soon be released and reunited with his wife Leonora, aka Fidelio, for it is a rescue opera and she, a trouser role.

People sometimes rumble on about various problems with it as a work, but the music and sentiments more than compensate, for me at least and put Beethoven in the list of good composers. After WW2, the first work performed in many German Opera Houses was Fidelio.

This in contrast with Wagner whose Die Walkure I have to teach as a set work next year. Sigh. Not my choice.

Looking back, I was very lucky to teach Fidelio and The Matthew Passion as set works.
Still, I have my new CUP Wagner Companion to entertain me til I go beck to work. I'm feeling work avoidance dusting and hoovering coming on...haven't cleaned those kitchen cupboards out since I moved either.


Patricius said...

I wish I could remember who said that there are some inspired moments in Wagner, adding- "and some very tedious half hours"!

leutgeb said...

Too right and sometimes longer.

With all due respect, The Forest Murmurs in Siegfried is time I'm not getting back.

Just not noble music, when all is said and done.