Monday 21 December 2009

Bloggers' Lunch

Thanks to Fr Mildew for another excellent bloggers' meet.

This time he entertained us, not with tales of escaping priests and his own take on The Tablet, but with a book of pictures as suggestions for the new minor basilica in Blackfen.

Whether Baroque or rococo, (ie to a musician whether JS or JC Bach, Handel or Stamitz,) it will look great rising above the surrounding suburban streets.

Coming across the piazza outside the Cathedral in sleet, it was time for one of those text conversations with my Dad.

L Is it snowing?
D Quite a bit!
L Returning from London then.
D A good idea.

Hopped on the tube to London Bridge to maximise trains, by which time it was really snowing, but the train arrived on time and I trudged home without a hitch. Hope everyone else was as lucky.

Not so easy for my Mum's French friends due for dinner tonight. They aren't going to my parent's place nor alas will they be able to get the Eurostar home tomorrow. And they said exceptionally cold in France has meant -17C. Brrr

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