Saturday 19 December 2009

Rheinberger Horn Sonata

I had a trip to Foyles recently and besides marvelling at how many books of and about chant they have, found a new Horn Sonata to play.

Clearly a composer with good taste.

Foyles, btw, is always a bit of a shock because it's just so tidy and you can pay so easily. Oh yes and you can find what you want. A friend of mine was once looking for a Ravel opera score and having looked in pocket scores, Dover scores, random French scores (for they are sometimes different sizes from everything else published anywhere else,) went up to the desk (not the till in those day oh no that was probably on another floor...) and being the polite man that he is said, 'Ravel seems to crop up in a few places.' He said afterwards that what he felt like saying was, 'There's *&%$£ Ravel everywhere.' You had to really want a book or a piece of music in those days and be prepared for a quest to find it and a struggle to buy it.

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JBB said...

Rheinberger! If Brahms had written a horn sonata, it would have sounded like this. Wonderful piece.