Tuesday 22 December 2009

Christmas Cakes

I'm now in production, a bit late, but well under the wire. Two down, one to go and that's for me, so I can afford to be a bit more last minute. The other two were for my parents and my brother and sister-in-law. The hard bit is levering the thing out of the tin, cake intact. So far so good. The tin has lasted about fifteen years, so is bearing up quite well.

Chatting to a colleague at work it truns out she was making and indeed had made by the end of term the grand total of four. She's off to Liverpool to do all the cooking for her folks. Her parents are elderly, so she gets to do the cooking and they get to have Christmas at home, which seems like a very good deal.


breadgirl said...

Hello Bara Brith
Sounds like you are well on the way to a good eating Christmas! I have no trouble resisting bought cakes but when it comes to homemade, I just cave in and enjoy! Your post reminded me of a dear Aunt of mine. She was a great cook and enjoyed doing it. Anyway, every Christmas, she baked about 12 Dark fruit Christmas cakes, maybe six light fruit cakes plus cookies of every descriptiion. She then gave them away to family, elderly neighbours, etc. She also made Christmas Puddings for all the family. She was a great lady and I remember her for many happy reasons but with every morsal of Christmas cake I enjoy, I bless her. Have a very Happy Christmas and may your new year be blessed.

leutgeb said...

Nothing like homemade stuff. I always think that it's very special to have some of someone's Xmas Cake. Was your Aunt a member of the WI?

Off to my parent's to ice it. My Dad, whose love of bara brith inspired the name of this blog, will be eating some tonight, no doubt.

Happy Christmas.