Friday 1 January 2010

Christmas Cooking

I have to content myself with the fripperies as my Mum is Queen of Cooking Chez Leutgeb and if truth be told it's just nice to go back for a few days and have dinners cooked for you. I was having a chat with a school friend about going home and the importance of just being there. What did we do? We were just there.

Anyway, I did make the three Christmas Cakes and then had my own party on the 28th and made a Victoria Sponge and mulled wine along with all the other party type things you expect. Actually, I'd been to two parties the day before and some people brought leftovers from those as well as the gingerbread church you've already seen elsewhere. (She who impressively made it was there too and supplied a very popular plate of cookies! The boy who made the lego altar pointed out the six candles to me - it's all in the detail!) Fortunatley, a goodly amount of food had been scoffed so there was enough room on the table for it.

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