Friday 1 January 2010


I have several common ones

At work

from tutor instead of form tutor
muisc for music

from parents

letters to Ms Leutgeb, whoever she is and Mrs Leutgeb who is my late Grandmother, Mother and most happily sister-in-law, but not me.

but whilst blogging

scared music for sacred music. A Freudian slap?

Anyway the generous people at the CMAA have just sent me the latest edition of Sacred Music and they are scared of no-one. I've now paid my dues via paypal, so hopefully they will continue to send it to me.

After lots of stuff about orchestral Masses and Haydn, presumably on the back of the anniversary there is a review of a book called most aptly, 'Keep the Fire Burning,' and I'm up for a can of petrol as the subject is the history of rubbish music in church. How it got written, published, disseminated etc.

Best quote from the book?

'Interestingly, most, if not all, of the original class of ordained or professed Folk-Mass composers [this stuff involves vows?]eventually left the religious life.'

The reviewer, Jeffrey Tucker, then adds, 'The non-religious left the Catholic Church altogether.'


breadgirl said...

Hi leutgeb
I once had a beautifully printed leaflet, laminated and everything, which was a Novena to the 'Scared' Heart! How's that for a typo? Anyway, I just dropped in to wish you and yours a very Happy New Year. God bless you.(Hope I got this right!!)

leutgeb said...

Happy New Year to you too!

Blwyddyn neuadd dda! (or something like that...)