Sunday 17 January 2010

The Sunday Programme

on R4 is always good for a laugh when I am engaged in early morning cooking as I was this am. The generally miserable sounding Roger Bolton is about to give up prsenting the prog too. Who will replace him??

Anyway, I particularly like it when the person being interviewed does not conform to the interviewer's script. A classic was the elderly Irish Missionary Priest take hostage in the Philipines, who not only didn't have bad word to say against his captors, but rather praised them for trying to get the right medicines to treat his heart condition and said yes he was coming back to Ireland for a bit to reassure his folks and then wanted to get back to work.

Today of course they focused on Haiti and interviewed several Haitians in NYC, who were all very robust and positive. Then the lady from CAFOD (yes I know...) said that the Catholic Church was the only trusted instution on the ground that could do the bis aid wise. Then they interviewed the Christan Aid guy in Haiti who was a Haitian Catholic and said that yes his faith was fine thanks. Which is not to in anyway to underestimate the terrible suffering in that country, but just to highlight that the random selection of Haitians who made it onto R4 were very impressive. More please.

Anyway, where does this, ' Being a Christian guarantees you a cushy life,' idea come from? Can't be Catholic, all the Saints seemed to have a very rough time in one way or another and as for the Crucifixion....

In other news I've just heard Ed Balls use the phrase 'single relationship.' Is that me and can I have a special tax allowance please? Ed, you've lost it mate.

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