Friday 4 March 2011

Accidentals - oops

We often find that pupils are vague on sharps, flats and the like.

Mr X Which notes are in a D major chord?

Pupil D

Mr X Yes, and?

Pupil F

Mr X F what?

Pupil F...sir?


Ben Trovato said...

This reminded me of a sad, funny and moving incident when my mother was dying.

She was dozing in and out of consciousness, and at one stage awoke and said 'Yes' very clearly.

I had no idea what question she was answering, so said 'Yes what?"

She thought about this and then, rather tentatively answered: 'Yes, please?...'

May she rest in peace.

leutgeb said...

My Grandmother was a bit the same, happily saying random things like, 'Cup of tea? yes please.'


FatherTF said...

My dear mother, when dosed up on morphine in the hospice, was trying to work the TV remote control. I helped her with it and put on the channel she wanted to watch. She never usually swore, but under the haze of the drug turned to someone else at the bedside and said sardonically "Clever bugger isn't he?" I still laugh when I think of it.

Anonymous said...

My mother was also given morphine when she was dying. It induced hallucinations and she insisted during one visit that she could see little yellow courgettes floating by. I remember telling her that she should relax and not worry as people paid a good deal of money on street corners to see those little yellow courgettes!