Tuesday 30 August 2011

Bookshop Blues

Thought I'd keep going with the letter B.

Anyway, was randomly looking round a bookshop on the way home from work (yes, it had to happen eventually even though it doesn't kick off til 9.15am next Monday,) vaguely thinking there might be a book my mother might like for her birthday and what do I find? So many books rambling vaguely about faith or rubbishing Christianity (Phillip Pullman).

There was thingie's book on the Popes. Skim read the 20thC, don't bother with that one. I could summarise Pius XII to the present better.

The final straw was a book something like Hitler's Henchman describing fleeing Nazis after the war. The cover had a (forged?) Red Cross pass set against a backdrop of St Peter's Square.

Reminds me of our car game. Put unlikely names with animals.

Boris the llama.
Augustine the kangaroo.
Felicity the hippo.
Gordon the peacock.

Now we must have a new game; books on historical events with unlikely dust jackets.


Richard Collins said...

Augustine the Hippo would be better!

leutgeb said...

Very funny.