Friday, 26 August 2011

Laszlo Dobszay RIP

Clare and I heard him speak at The Oratory School about two years ago and very excellent he was too.


berenike said...

The little I could work out from different blogs of what was said by him intrigued me HUGELY, and now he's gone and died! Procrastination is bad, I should have tracked down some workshop of his promptly and gone. I don't suppose you live anywhere near Portsmouth? I'm supposed to be round there briefy in Oct/Nov and I would love to stand you lunch in exchange for a report of what he said.

leutgeb said...

Right. I did two posts about the colloquium in June 2009, one of which has a link to the NLM (I think.) Always happy to have lunch.

Basically, lovely man, fierce intelligence and musicianship. Most impressed.

Personally, not so into vernacular propers, but if you want them he's the man and on the back of what he has done in Hungarian comes the propers in English via the new Newman Music thing in B'ham.

As to meeting, that would be great. I have very easy access to London. Half term is the week beginning 24th Oct- bit tied up at the beginning of the week and Sat 29th have an orch rehearsal in the morning, but possibilities...

Why don't you come to Mass in Blackfen and sing?! If you are around at the beginning of Nov we have two Feast Days on consecutive nights with sung Latin Masses.

Anonymous said...

Cool. When/if I have dates and tickets worked out, will be in touch!


Anonymous said...

Did I post a reply here? I thought I did, but sometimes I close the window before pressing "send" enough times. If/when I come I will likely be in London about the last third of November (so might hit your halfterm) and the early middle of November. Will write when I have some actual dates!

leutgeb said...

My half-term is the last week of Oct.

Let me know some dates and I 'll see what I can do.