Sunday, 14 August 2011

Looking at the sky

One of my many part-time hobbies is looking at the sky. The clouds have just parted to reveal a nearly full-moon, inky blue sky and dark clouds with illuminated edges, right here in SE London. Better than my favourite Queen of the Night (no need to go all coloratura on me,) backdrop from The Magic Flute. Amazing.

Yesterday we had beautiful pink clouds at sunset which changed colour as the time went on.

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Patrick Sheridan said...

It's very poignant isn't it? I enjoy looking at the sky because each moment reveals some aspect of the Divine Majesty which is passing, almost as though He meant for you (out of His eternal time) to see that sickle moon, wreathed in silver cloud, or a glorious sunset, a remote pale green-blue sea and above it a towering shore of bank upon bank of flaming Cherubim, crossed here and there with misty blurs like purple rain.

Nature is marvellous, truly awesome.